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Worm Castings

Gardeners' FARMacy Worm Castings work in many ways on all kinds of plants, both indoors and outdoors. Our castings work wonderfully on all plants ... annuals, perennials, bulbs, roses, orchids, herbs, fruits, and garden vegetables, shrubs, trees, houseplants, ferns, vines, whether they are domestic, tropical, ornamental, or exotic! They feed and fertilize, yet they never burn. They aerate by leaving space for roots to easily grow and expand, and they hold water that moisturizes so roots don't dry out. They look and feel clean like coffee grounds. Even though they are worms' manure, they don't stink. Actually, they have no odor. Children and pets are safe around them, plus they greatly increase blooms and produce yield.

Gardeners' FARMacy Worm Castings never burn anything so no worries …. you can't mess up! They don't go bad in the package, and need only to be stored in a dry place like a shed, garage, or even closet – just somewhere dry. A range of temperatures (hot or cold) won't hurt them and they don't expire so you can keep them indefinitely, and just use them when needed on everything you grow! They are activated by rain or water once you put them in the ground or in potting soil. Like a sustained-release plant food, they work for years improving the soil quality. We recommend using them about twice a year to replenish the nutrients in your soil that your plants used as they bloomed. Gardeners' FARMacy worm casting bring your ph level to neutral over time, as they add many helpful nutrients, essential enzymes, beneficial micro-organisms, and trace minerals to your soil to improve its quality over all. Horn of Plenty worm castings are a natural repellent to many pesky insects, like spider mites, white flies, aphids, other pests that feed on plant juices. They fight fungal diseases, help resist plant decay, and can be used directly from the bag anytime on all plants.
Some products claim to be 'organic' but do NOT have a professional seal of authenticity. Just because the word 'organic' is printed on a label does not mean it actually is organic. The producer may have fed the worms things that have had chemicals on them, such as coffee grounds, table or restaurant food scraps, newspaper shreds with toxic ink, manures from animals have been vaccinated, wormed, sprayed with fly, tick, and bug repellents, or fed grains that were not certified. Therefore, their worm castings are NOT truly organic. Gardeners' FARMacy worm castings are OMRI-listed for certified organic production or food processing and handling according to the USDA National Organic Program Rule with NO restrictions. OMRI is an acronym for the Organic Materials Review Institute. Once you've used Gardeners' FARMacy brand, you'll be glad you chose wisely!

3-lb (bag)

Gardeners Farmacy 3-lb Worm Castings

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Gardeners Farmacy 10-lb Worm Castings

15-lb (box)

Gardeners Farmacy 15-lb Worm Castings

30-lb (2 15-lb boxes)

Gardeners Farmacy 30-lb Worm Castings

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Organic Natural Compost by Gardeners' FARMacy is the best you can buy! It is a very slow process that is made right on our farm where we combine organic material with water, air, and heat to achieve the finest, purest compost. We use no manures, nor food scraps. All the ingredients are clean and natural. Our product is double-finely screened to maintain the highest standards. Gardeners' FARMacy Organic Natural Compost is OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed. It may be used in certified organic production or food processing and handling according to the USDA National Program Rule with no restrictions. Compost feeds the soil and worm castings feed the plants. When you add these two Gardeners' FARMacy products in your soil on your gardens, flower beds, lawns, shrubs, trees, and house plants, you do not need to buy anything else for all your growing needs. Once you've used Gardeners' FARMacy brand, you'll be very happy you did!


Gardeners Farmacy 15-lb Compost

(2 15-lb boxes)

Gardeners Farmacy 30-lb Compost

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