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What's Our Rx?

This is some serious crap!

Our worm castings are OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed with NO restrictions (meaning you can use ours on ANY and ALL plants). They may be used in certified organic production or food processing and handling according to the USDA National Organic Program regulations.

Our all-natural worm castings are organic, sustained/time released plant food and fertilizer for ALL plants.

They work both indoors to refresh potting soil .... and outdoors in dirt.

They will never burn plants in any amount.

They are time-released and last for several months when used in the dirt/ground/potting soil. While still in the bag, they last indefinitely. They have no expiration date so you can store them in a dry place. They do not go bad. They retain their potency while in the bag or box. Just don't get them wet until you use them.

They look and feel like coffee grounds .... but with NO smell. There's no odor at all. Unlike other manures .... they don't stink!

They moisturize and store water so plants can have a drink when they need it. Yet they do not pack down tightly or become hard and crusty. They allow soil to drain so plants do not become water-logged.

They aerate, leaving space for oxygen so roots can grow easier and deeper. They help keep the soil loose.

They are child-safe and pet-friendly.

They have no weed seeds, unlike other manures.

They will never burn in any concentration.

They repel (not kill) lots of harmful insects such as white flies, spider mites, aphids, and other pests that feed on plant juices. But they will not harm bees nor butterflies.

They are complete nutrition for EVERY kind and ALL types of plants.

They greatly improve food and flower production. Gardens can yield much more!

You do not need to mix nor till them into your ground or garden everywhere (like you would do compost). It would not hurt anything, but it is not necessary. They cause everything to grow a lot .... so just put them directly on what you want to grow!

Remember, our worm castings will not burn anything so you do not have to worry about that.

For planting seeds, add a couple of tablespoons to soil. Then top dress after they sprout.

For planting new plants, just drop a handful or 4 oz. scoop of worm castings right into the hole at the root level. You may mix or blend worm castings into your soil if you want to do so.

For established or existing plants, use two handfuls or two 4 oz. scoops around the base of a plant on the top of the soil and water them about three or four times per year.

They may be used ANYTIME, as often as you like, however, we recommend about two to four times per year, or during the entire growing season of that particular plant.

You may also make worm tea by mixing 1 cup of worm castings into 1 gallon bucket of water. Either stir it several times a day for 3 days, or hook up an aquarium bubble stone to aerate the water. After brewing, pour the worm tea on plants. Use it within 3 days. If you would like to SPRAY the tea on your plants/leaves, then during the brew time, just add 1 tablespoon of unsulphured blackstrap molasses. This will make it sweet and sticky. After 3 days, strain the worm tea (with something like an old nylon pantyhose to catch the castings) into a pump sprayer, and spray it on your plants and leaves. But don't throw the wet worm castings away! Just pack the leftover worm castings on top of the soil around the base of the plants. Since they are wet, they are activated and will work as a top dressing.

They are non-toxic and pesticide free.

They fight off fungal diseases and resist plant decay like root rot and blight.

They rejuvenate the soil with high concentration of beneficial bacteria, essential enzymes, trace minerals, and microbes that naturally improve soil quality.

They are the single best soil additive for growing everything!

Worm Castings:

  • feed
  • fertilize
  • aerate
  • moisturize
  • repel (or deter) lots of pesky insects - yet pesticide free
  • never burn (in any concentration)
  • never go bad (eventually are used up by plants) (don't have to hurry to use them)
  • last in the soil until used by plants
  • are time-released
  • are child-safe
  • are pet-friendly
  • work indoors and outdoors
  • just mix in potting soil or dirt
  • store in a dry place
  • won't be hurt by temperatures
  • just need to be dropped in your soil or sprinkled around the base of the plant (top of the potting soil)
  • look and feel like coffee grounds
  • are all natural ingredients
  • greatly improve yield (or production)
  • are non-toxic


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